Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Shooting Britney

Britney Spear

L last year, photos of Britney Spear boosted the U.S. Britney may be the mend, but many believe the paparazzi have gone beyond the bounds of professional conduct, literally doing what it takes to get their shot.. It remains the only dedicated his celebrity paparazzi pack. This group has been with her since the beginning, photographed his progress and earned huge sums from his fall. Economy by $ 120million.


Kid Rock To Perform At Youth Inaugural Ball

Kid Rock

L. Aretha Franklins girl, I will be the Country Tis you to attend the oath on Tuesday. Metro Detroits own Kid Rock will be among the headliners at the inaugural Youth Ball at the Washington Hilton on Tuesday night. Other headliners at the ball include Kanye West and Fall Out Boy. On MTV. Detroits musical tradition will be well represented as opening weeks swings into action Stevie Wonder is set to perform Sunday at the opening ceremony concert at Lincoln Memorial and the Queen of Soul, C. Its one of 10 official inaugural balls and will be broadcast starting from 10 p. M.


Hayden Panettiere Wanted Obama To Help Save Whales

Hayden Panettiere

He revealed that shes already brought his personal mission first President-elect Obama, saying: I ve actually talked to him before. Then he added: [But] Im not going to speak for him. Accompanied by his equally passionate animal-mother, Leslie. Hayden Panettiere has a message for the new administration and other governments around the world: Reduce the amount, if not completely get rid of whaling. The heroes of beauty addressed the public at the green eco-Ball gala, which was presented by Discoverys Planet Green. He was raised in Hawaii, so I think we would agree with me about [protecting marine life]. Because its pointless.


Katie Played With Barbies Amp Suri Can Too

Katie Holme

It was sad I was 30 Barbie, 3 Masters, 2 Kens and 1 midge. Theyd say, you know, there are kids coming. Katie Holme loved to play with Barbies as a child and hated giving them up. And the celebrity mom doesn t remember that their daughter Suri, 2 1 / 2, often brings her along on their trips dolls! Katie told the New York Times, have been somewhat slow to grow. I had the Barbie floor, the house of Barbie, Barbie swimming pool, and I like all the accessories. I played with Barbie dolls my friends until they said it was time to put away.


Lily Allen Shows Her Third Nipple On Tv

Lily Allen

It gets difficult when you touch it, Contactmusic quoted as saying. The singer was thrilled to learn that his hero Simpsons, Krusty the Clown, also has third nipple. Pop star Lily Allen stunned his fans when he revealed his third nipple during a recent TV interview. While appearing on Vara Live TV show, the 23-year-old singer lifted his top to reveal a nipple just below her left breast. He exclaimed: Wow, so I am really in good company! .

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